Welcome to my Tattoo Booking Page. I am taking last books of this year for Prague, from March to May 2021

Please read the instructions below carefully so we will not waste your or mine time.

  • I am tattoing in a private studio in Prague. Consider your possibilities of traveling from abroad due to restrictions. Dont book in if you are not sure that you can make it to Prague. Yes I am pointing to you, neighboring states :) Its much easier to me to find some last minute spot for you as cancelling multiple sessions
  • You must be 18+ years old
  • First come - first served. All available flashworks are under this booking form, scroll down and have a look. (I also recommend choosing a backup design if someone will be faster and claim the design you wanted)
  • Please pick no more than 5 designs. I am open to make minor adjustments to my designs (adding / removing text, changing details etc.)
  • Palm size flashworks usually cost around 2500 to 3500 czech crowns. A Custom Design starts on 3500 czech crowns. Keep this rates in mind please
  • I am bringing a custom design on an appointment (always 2 or 3 designs). We discuss and finish all details during the appointment
  • I would love to draw your ideas in my style, so let me know if you have some - the more crazy - the better
  • I am going to contact you on your email later and we will discuss everything else we need 

Pokojne môžete odpovedať aj v slovenčine alebo v čestine ♥

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