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Welcome to my Tattoo Booking Page! 
I am glad you are here.

Please read the instructions below carefully so we will not waste your or mine time.

  • I do every specific design only once
  • You must be older than 18 years to get a tattoo from me
  • You can check out all my available flashworks on my Instagram profile in Stories Highlights
  • I can make minor adjustments to my existing Flashworks
  • If you like any flashwork than try to book some session with me. Otherwise I will not keep a design you like reserved for you
  • Yes, you can choose flashwork in a studio, when you come to an agreed appointment
  • My tattoos starts at 2000 czech crowns (Custom Designs starts on 3000 czech crowns)
  • Currently its not possible to pay with a credit/debit card at our place :(
  • Our appointment is fully valid after I recieved deposit from you (you get information about deposit after sending this form)
  • Usually I am sending custom work one day before our appointment, its possible to make adjustments at our appointment
  • Do not expect that you get answer from me the next day (Bookings of my Flashworks and the closest dates are prioritized, I suck at emails)
  • One last thnig; Please don't take your friends with you to your appointment if it's not necessary. We love everyone but our studio is quite small so every person counts.

Is everything above sounds good to you? Fill out this form below and you will be one step closer to your new tattoo!

Pokojne môžete odpovedať aj v slovenčine alebo v čestine ♥