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Welcome to my Tattoo Booking Page for October to December 2020

Please read the instructions below carefully so we will not waste your or mine time.

  • I am tattooing in a private studio in Prague so please consider your possibilities if you will travel from abroad due to travel restrictions
  • You must be 18+ to get a tattoo by me
  • First come - first served. All available flashworks are under this booking form, just scroll down and have a look. 
  • Please pick no more than 3 designs. I am open to make minor adjustments to my existing Flashworks
  • Palm size flashwork usually cost around 2500 to 3500 czech crowns. A Custom Design starts on 3500 czech crowns
  • Usually I am bringing a custom design on our appointment (always 2 or 3 designs). We always discuss and finish all details during an appointment
  • I would love to draw your ideas in my style, so let me know if you have some - the more crazy - the better
  • I am going to contact you on your email later and we will discuss everything else we need 

Fill out this form and you will be one step closer to your new tattoo!

Pokojne môžete odpovedať aj v slovenčine alebo v čestine ♥

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